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If you have professional work experiences or solid technical and interpersonal skills and interest in working for the best organization overseas,SMC M

Right person for the right job

We can help you to find the best positions that match your experience and interest.

Right employment for the right man!

We can help you to find the best positions that match your experience and interest.

Our Company

SMC Manpower Agency Philippines Company, is duly authorized and licensed by DMW under license no. DMW-062-LB-03232023-R to recruit, hire and process manpower for its accredited foreign principals.

SMC recognizes the global need for employment and believes its first and foremost responsibility is to provide our clients with world-class, personalized service and to provide Filipinos the opportunity to work overseas. Boast of its faster & more convenient access to various government agencies, ensures our smoother facilitation of business transaction with efficient services to our clients from around the world. We are specialized firm and your best counterpart in the Philippines providing you with professionals, medical staff, highly skilled, unskilled workers, entertainers and even highly educated domestic helpers to different country. Providing counsel and assistance in labor relations overseas and local recruitment.



To serve our client with Filipino who competent, reliable, dedicated. To provide the highest professional standard recruitment and uphold our dignity in the field of manpower services. Constantly work alongside with government agencies in to ensuring the welfare of our clients and workers.    

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SMC MANPOWER AGENCY PHILIPPINES COMPANY – is an supporter of the Filipino worker and believes in his natural capabilities and his desire to work, and we intend to bring the Filipino worker to every corner of the world to make him more competitive in the global market.

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Our Services

Quick response to different needs of the client. SMC MANPOWER AGENCY PHILIPPINES COMPANY. Carefully evaluates and selects all types of position from professionals, medical staffs, highly skilled to unskilled workers and even highly educated domestic helpers, entertainers. It strives to provide only competitive qualified manpower, ready to face competitive global market. It is also responsible […]

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Recruitment and Selection

SMC is the epitome of efficiency. We adhere to the policy of an efficient deployment process. Hence, the company has been structured (and is continually being enhanced) to maximize efficiency that benefits the clients, the applicants/workers and the company. Total Manpower Solution SMC utilizes its international contacts, apart from its own local resources, to acquire manpower for especially difficult requirements to fill. This strong backbone of affiliates gives us and our clients confidence that we can provide them total manpower solution.

Mobilization – The company maintains a computerized database of applicants for easy reference. After being notified by the principals we can immediately mobilize by searching this database. Additional pooling is also achieved through various media advertisements, provincial recruitment, agent-assisted recruitment, direct hiring, and through our Total Manpower Solution. We constantly pool applicants whether there are requirements or not. Our dedicated and specialized technical mobilizing team is constantly recruiting on field arrangements.

This process is handled by our recruitment Specialist who has more ample experience in the field and who always takes in consideration not only technical competence of the workers, attitude toward work and responsibilities but as well as background and operations of our client to provide optimum service.

A support group Technical Interviewer from different Engineering Disciplines with previous Overseas Experience in the Field of Engineering & Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance, landscaping, the expertise Medical Consultant, etc, guarantee to meet the requirement of our client.

SMC MANPOWER AGENCY PHILIPPINES COMPANY shall pre-select or screen candidates prior to presentation to employers representative for final selection. The candidate will be rejected if he fails to pass in any of these first six screenings. The professional service of Trade Testing Institutions accredited by the Philippines Government and Saudi Arabia Embassy are critical importance in technical skills.